‘and many more’ and ‘ode to the girl with the pearl earring’ by Zane Frederick

and many more

as each year passes,
i wonder if you will
say happy birthday again,
i wonder how old i will
turn when you stop,
i could receive all
the wishes in the world,
every genie could fill
their lamp up to the brim,
every twisted candle
could burn in my honor,
and none of them would
feel as sincere,
i look for your wish in
bright specs above
when the sky turns me
twenty at 9:28 p.m.,
i wonder if you remember
my birthday anymore,
i wonder if you even
wish me happy

ode to the girl with the pearl earring

you look back in a gaze,
in seduction, in curiosity,
how i wonder where you
got those earrings, if you
were a friend of johannes
before he illustrated you
so mysterious and captivating
and in black velvet secret,
moonlight and oil drip
from your lips and you
are drenched in temptation,
your sisters turn away while
they study astronomy,
write a letter, pour milk,
hold a balance and you
are not afraid to look
anyone in the eye,
we can see the cracks
in your face getting deeper,
take off the turban and speak up,
let your mouth open the same as
the oysters that birthed your pearls,
tell me what your eyes would say
if you could speak something to this world

Zane Frederick is a city born Gemini, raised in the hell and heart of Phoenix, Arizona. His work has been published in Little Rose Magazine, Dodging The Rain, and The Tunnels. He currently attends Northern Arizona University and when not writing, he plays guitar, piano, and delves into art history books. Zane published his debut poetry book, (he)art., in 2018.

Social Media: Instagram – @zane.frederick