‘SEX AT OFFICE DEPOT’ & ‘DR. SUESSING’ by Wendy Cobourne

soft cartel may 2018


Bargain box of envelopes says
No-lick, Instant-stick
Popular No. 10 style.

I twitch a tired brow.

I take them home
And stash them like a secret.


Leave me the fuck alone.
Do not call me on the phone,
Do not wake me in the morn,
Do not make me leave the house,
I don’t want to go, go out.
I am thinking, leave me be,
I am brooding, leave it to me.
I am running ‘round in squares,
I am counting how much air.
I am writing purloined poems,
I must survive, alive, alone.

Wendy Cobourne is a former reporter who abandoned the formulaic restrictions in order to focus on creative writing. She has published one poem, one micro-fiction story, and one short story. A few of her favorite writers are Italo Calvino, Charles Bukowski, and William S. Burroughs.