‘In Search of My Bag’ by Sunanya Pal

sc june 18

In search of my bag
I was in heaven, (literally, really.)
and I kept my bag somewhere.
(Oh yes, one bag is allowed.)
I couldn’t recall where I left it.
All clouds looked similar now.
I asked a few seniors
They guided me to the lost and found.
It was beautiful.
Like a mall,
with so many departments
of various goodies that people had lost
and forgotten?
or given up?
As I went through everything
in search of my precious bag.
I didn’t find it,
I found a lot of other things.
I would have liked to have,
one cloud flavored lip balm in particular.
I picked it up.
No one was looking.
I could take it.
I didn’t have a bag
but I had pockets.
I took it.
I moved forward in search of my bag.
Finished the whole department
with one hand in my pocket
but didn’t find my bag.
As I tried to go back to the community room,
I thought of the balm.
When and where would I try it?
What if the person to whom it belonged saw me wearing it?
I almost bumped into someone
“Excuse me, I am new at floating.” I apologized.
What if this person was going for the balm?
The questions disturbed me
Oh! This isn’t worth it.
I went back and kept the balm.
Much better!
I ate a little something and mingled.
One of them asked,
“Have you met God.”
“God, she is new,” he informed.
I bowed.

He said “Welcome. Do you have any questions”
I hesitated “I don’t really.
but I am not able to find my bag.
Would you know where it is?”
He smiled and said that it must be in this community hall.
“Thank you” I said
And floated to find my bag.
I overheard someone say
“Did she just meet God and ask Him ONLY about a bag?”
I stopped in my tracks.
What had I done?
Did I just meet God and ask him ONLY about my bag?
I turned around
but He was gone.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sunayna Pal moved to the US after her marriage. A double Post-graduate from XLRI and Annamalai University, she worked in the corporate world for five odd years before opting out to embark on her heart’s pursuits – decided to raise funds for NGOs by selling quilled art and became a certified handwriting analyst.

Now, a new mother, she devotes all her free time to writing and Heartfulness. Her name has recently appeared in “The Hindu,” “Subterranean Blue Poetry,” “Poetry nation”, “Poetry Super highway” along with dozens of her articles and poems have been published and she is a proud contributor of many international anthologies.

She is part of an anthology that is about to break the Guinness world of records. Know more on sunaynapal.com