‘Existence’ & ‘Heart’ by Sudha Srivatsan



We watch them sing
The chorus song
Year on year
Like keyed-up dolls
Spring arriving
In all her youth
To entice autumn
To beget summer
Their union annealing
To talc snow
That waltz redolent
In the ballroom of this cosmos
Capsizing senses thorough
Of puppets like us
Who lay beached in awe
By their array and dash
Feigning verily serious
They prevail just for us


I look into the mirror
a shape so amorphous
a form so dense
From steam that fogs it
incanted off me
from embers in my heart.

I wait for grass
To grow back on lawns
Vacuous once green
I tend the soil red and dry
Turning my touch sooty.
On them pours rain
But won’t wash down the burn
Staining through my cracked sole
And shoddy nails.

I wander through nothingness
Groping in the gleedy blank
I can see silence
Hiding her secrets
Of nature unrevealing
For my impassive senses
Now slagged random
With cinders and tears.

Sudha Srivatsan was born and raised in India. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Commonline Journal, Tower Journal, the Germ Magazine, Carcinogenic, Indiana Voice Journal, Bewildering Stories, Leaves of Ink, Mused Literary Review, Subterranean Blue, Corner Club press, BlazeVox, MadSwirl, BurningWord, The Stray Branch, inbetweenhangovers among others. Her works have been translated into French and were also selected to be part of Storm Cycle’s 2015 Best Of Anthology.