‘Dignity’ by Sharon Brandon

soft cartel april 2018

I know color isn’t supposed to matter much
but what has happened to you my sistah?
There was a time when you thought more of yourself than what I see now
and it gives more credence to why they say, “the man won’t buy the cow”.
There was a time when you couldn’t find a black woman so revealing
and yes indeed she still knew she was appealing
Her values were more readily seen
rather than the curvature of her jeans
For some reason you thought you needed to be more like them…

Modesty used to be your policy
Now you’re living a life of hypocrisy.
Now you flash it all just like the other side
and seemingly you have lost what once was your pride
Pride in how you carried yourself
Now showing everything you’ve got leaves you with nothing left
Wanting the best but living as an adulteress
You say you just want to be free
but my sistah tell me…
why does it have to cost your dignity?

Author, life coach and motivational speaker, Sharon Brandon was born in Virginia and is the mother of three adult children. Her passion from the time she was able centers around reading and creative writing. Sharon now lives in North Carolina and is continuing her literary passions.