‘hot pink’, ‘june 18’, ‘anything’ by River Smallflower


hot pink

after a good cry the ground (my face) is damp with sweat and hot tears, the sky (my hair) flops
about like a rabbit not knowing what to do
you’re a hotel at the beach with a million hot pink towels on a thousand balcony railings
i’m the scary ride watching you from the boardwalk. the one where you lose your weight and
center of gravity. lighting up for you

june 19

yesterday i tried to tell jovie that it’s very hard to fix an eggshell that is cracked

but i watch the sky open up today and the egg yolk sun spilled out

and i know tonight

it’ll fix itself


two eyes flash near tractor supply co. & tuckahoe state park

“at the corner of happy and healthy”

red like the sun & smart like a dolphin


black headed gull,

laughing gull,

where did you go?

the air a hallway with

cloud picture frames


sometimes refracted light
creates a stranger tapping me on the shoulder
university city station im loving
fog thick like bottom of vanilla shake but gray
and the blue fence post up against it all
a stranger tells me i am wrong
eye ball drifting in the funny way
in the derogatory way
in my black jump suit i am anything
anything but wrong
i kill the ant with mirrors
i tell the stranger to kiss my ass
cracked light and all
cobalt blue spilling out

River Smallflower makes poetry, music, and art. He loves wetlands and clouds and rocks. His music can be heard at https://tallfriend.bandcamp.com and his art can be seen at https://cargocollective.com/cpfaff.