‘I’m a dreamer’ & ‘Why you left’ by Richard Tilly


I’m a dreamer

I’m a dreamer.

I won’t deny it.

Those days I spent looking through the window wasn’t because I wanted to see the outside world.

I was dreaming.

I was in my world.

A world where I could be whoever I wanted.

And do whatever I wanted.

Being stuck in here with you has taught me one thing.

One very important thing.

That living in the real world is better than the world in my head.

Sure, I can’t do whatever I want.

I can’t have everything I want.

But there is one thing I can have that dreams can never give me.

Why you left

There has to be a reason you left.

A damned good one.

Otherwise you wouldn’t leave me like that.

I don’t believe you would.

You loved me, didn’t you?

So why would you leave me?

You must have had a reason.

I know you must have.

You had to.

That’s it.

You had to leave.

You wouldn’t leave me.

Richard Tilly is currently a student living in the north of Sweden and has been writing fiction and poetry for as long as he can remember. He also runs a blog called Rtillyflash (Rtillyflash.com).