★ Five Poems by Rich Boucher


Night Of The Big Bad Headache

The Doctor said it was just the world
that was causing me pain, and he said this
while wearing while wearing a white coat,
So this meant he was right and it was true.
He said I wasn’t crazy, it wasn’t all in my head,
but, even so, I was on my own to figure out
a way past and through the pain.

Night one of the big bad headache,

and I took some Nyquil, a full dram of the rough stuff
and just about made it through the rotating hallway to the bed,
the pillow rocketing up to meet my face
until the last of my alarms went off.

Night two of the big bad headache,

and it found me just in my boxers,
one sock on, the cat looking at me
weirdly as I popped two Tylenol PM’s
and chased it with a dram and a half of cherry Nyquil,
guzzling it down like it was hot girlcum
issuing straight from the pink inferno and down my throat.

Night three of the big bad headache,

I haven’t told any of even my closest friends
that this headache is still going on; I’m naked in my den.
I realize that all the medicine lives in my kitchen
so I walk like an astronaut to the cupboards
and pull down four flavorful drams of delicious GirlQuil
along with three and half Tylenol PM’s
chased with a jigger of Knob Creek.

Night four of the big bad headache,

Night five of the big bad,

Night six of the,

Six of the big,

Night of the bad,



In the event that a separation
between you (Applicant’s Name)
and the company (Futility Unlimited, LLC)
becomes necessary, you agree
to hold the company blameless.

You agree to hold the company,
and in return to let it hold you oh so close.

You agree to hold the company
while the company takes you roughly,
with no finesse but at least a thoughtful candle going,
while the company takes you the same way
every night, without even so much as a kiss on the neck;
you agree not to look into the company’s eyes
while the company has its way with you.

You agree to hold the company
tight all night long until the company
gets hard, gets off, gets bored with you,
gets angry, gets defensive, gets threatening,
gets rid of you.

You agree to hold the company
while working the shaft and balls.

The company needs you,
so stop thinking about yourself all the time;
stop being a fucking nag


you agreed to hold the company

you agreed

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