‘3 poems’ by Rachel Kass


Wings in a Hurry

a stream of fog water
seeps toes –
beside patchwork shadow
a white wicker chair
feathered lantern
skin tight, bare
Mengele, doctor sulfuric
my reincarnation:
a phoenix can also
rise from itself.
I’m a message,
you’re a missive
my pathology is
trendy, so
now I need another way to speak

Redwood Curtain

tongue a pink pearled clam
jaw beating fragility
a bouncing canoe
gently now upon
gently south
my tiny red rivers
wrapped to make
my figure


crouched atop faucet, ladybug soliloquies
her darling is fighting
the war over tile seas
nothing is newer than
childhood dreams
somewhere behind the gravesite
there lay an orange peel
when i touch it i feel real
as though the cinderblock of
simply cracks in two,
my arms holding one half each
on the shoulders, meeting
at the nape of my neck,
a shield no ancestry can track
the divine feminine in each womxn
in time who ever died for living.