Three Poems by Melissa Kelly


Little City Girl

Black boots brown shoes
Walking the sidewalks
Little legs big feet
Talking on phones
running to catch up
The large building
Looking high big lights
Windows and floors
A little girl watches
Too small so large
Rushing each step
Another working day
One of many
In the city crowd

Last Summer Night

As the pinks in the sky
And the reds draw down
The last warm breeze
And salty beach foam
Wave its final
Summer goodbye
The birds stick around
For signs of the first freeze
Before flying to
Their southern homes

The Dance

I can dance in my room
Spinning around and around
In those moments of alone
I’m free to be wonderfully bad
No one to judge my missteps
It’s me, just me
loving music and life
The way I know how
Singing too loud, and
Stepping on Invisible feet

Melissa Kelly is a Poet and Short Story writer from Long Island, NY. Most recently, one of her poems was published in the Westward Quarterly Magazine.