‘Souvenir’ & ‘And One Day’ by Maryalicia Post

soft cartel april 2018


A box stencilled with flowers
and the name of a town in white –
Santa Margherita de Ligure-
failed souvenir of a village
sun-pinned to a hill
I have forgotten it all
Not a single shop, cafe, street
do I remember.
I close my eyes
and see only the shape
of your body bending
to the boy selling mementos
the light behind you
as you turn back to me
putting this box in my hands
gently as if it were fragile
or I were
and the challenge in your eyes
that I would meet each night
until our nights ran out.

And One Day

And one day
it will just stop
A final gurgle and all over
All those lessons
all that love
Better still
why not believe
they’ll bounce
up to the sky
where, kept intact,
they’ll wait
until a celestial download
fills my heart
with them again
for the next time.