‘My Life – in Soft Toys’ by Maria Zach

soft cartel april 2018

I have twenty-one plus one soft toys. The plus one is my dog – Sherlock, a basset hound; as good as any soft toy. Even better, he’s a good conversationalist.

“Sherlock, boy, will I make it?”

He thumped his tail enthusiastically.

“How much longer do you think?

He thumped his tail again.

“No.” I shook my head. “Wrong answer.”

His tail drooped. I was sorry. I looked around at the others.

My pink elephant, Shali has been with me since I was three. She has known me longest. She’s also the smallest; fits inside my twenty-eight-year-old palm. Once upon a time, she used to sleep with me. Now, she stands (majestically) upon my bedside table and surveys me as I slumber. She had no answers for me.

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