“Photos that Speak” three poems by Luanne Jaconia


Photo by Allen Nomura


“Harvest Moonlight”

Encouraged by a chilly autumn wind,

Naked branches tapped rhythmically against worn shutters
While the harvest moonlight shown loudly through his window,

Like a beacon, casting shadows in the dark

Awakened, he rustled under covers,

Pulling warm socks up around old spindly legs;
Backs of his calves worn smooth as a baby’s bottom
After years of close friendship with his Levis

Pulling socks up in bed
Always reminded him of her,
Placing them, freshly laundered,
In the maple dresser he had made

She was gone now…
For what seemed an eternity!
In the harvest moonlight,
He could almost see her soft curves

And feel her body
Nestled there beside him!
As he slowly reached for his socks,
The old yearnings rolled over him like waves!

First he howled at the moon,
Then whispered to himself, as in prayer,
“If only l could wrap my legs around her
One last time!”

Photo by Al Faaet


“Autumn Sip”

I walk the terrain of my beloved homelands
Soaking up this beauty which is free to me

Cool winds fill my lungs with sweetness
And with pain

The sun warms my back
And trees greet me with bursts of flaming colors

I stop to drink it in
Then moan loudly

As I imagine these places dead
As they will one day be

By witless human beings

image1 (1)
Photo by Al Faaet



Dear Autumn,
Every year you introduce
Shimmering new mind-blowing colors to the world!

Once again,
Rendering my new Super-Duper
Extraordinary Crayola Box obsolete!



Luanne Pumo Jaconia, CSSW, began her career in child protective services, and currently facilitates parenting workshops.  Luanne and her husband are parents of two; hands-on grandparents of three. Her poems often reflect the difficult and exhilarating experiences that happen within families as they grow. Luanne began submitting poetry at 70.