‘Schoolboys’ by Kevin White

sc june 18

I told him I didn’t want to face the camera.

“Come on, it won’t be that bad,” Jeff said.

“My body is much better,” I said.

“We’ll see about that. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure no one knows it’s you.”

I looked over at Ashleigh and she kept chewing her gum like a cow and it was really annoying. She’s got no clue why she’s really here – she just loves being naked. I watched as she took her top off and threw it over the chair arm. She undid her bra and let it fall at her feet, kicked it away like a dirty leaf. She tried to blow a bubble with her smacking lips. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Ashleigh, quit chewing that fucking gum.”


I shook my head. Jeff finished setting the camera up. Sean came back into the room, holding four sodas. He’s the one that spent all his money on this – the soundproof installation, the camera, everything. I shivered. I knew they wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, but I just didn’t want to take my shirt off anymore. “I just want to watch,” I said.

“You can’t watch. I need you, Morgan. You’re beautiful,” Sean said.

“My body may be but not my heart.”

“Don’t bitch out, Morgan,” Ashleigh said.

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