Five Poems by Jude


‘rain girl’

we were working the registers one day.
it was storming.
the sky and the tiles matched.

i put my head in my hands,
closed my eyes.

next thing i knew she was gone,
her shoes and socks left in a pile
like an occult stick formation in the woods.

then i saw her outside,
jumping in a puddle of rain.

‘worst nite’

heat death of my dumb ass brain.

scrolling, scrolling, scrolling,
watching holocaust docs on my phone,
texting a girl from 9th grade.

she said she wanted to go to Mexico with me.
she had a vacation home there.
it was cheap bc of the cartels.

hit my head on the bar above my bed,
accidentally stepped on the cat,
spent a few minutes apologizing about it.

stayed up till 2 figuring out what i did wrong.
the girl didn’t reply.

stared at the power outlet for an hour.

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