Four Poems by Jude VC


Axiom Brain

Axiom brain. Barbed wire flower. What did
you think you were trying to achieve.
Point A to Point B gets you
very carsick if you don’t close your eyes
along the way.
Metal green. Sharp grass. How did they
make you feel that kind of pain.
Or did you dig the glass into your own wrist
when you knocked your head on its shelf.
Dream. Miracle. Post office pleasures
where the greatest joy you know of is daydreams
in dullness. Bleeding in the dark.
Desperate, sick, sick. Sick, sick. Sick.
Twist the glass in deeper. Love achievement, loved
barbed wire. Flower? What did you think?

But only as much as they’ll let you

He moved in with me not a long time after the
incident, the one everybody remembered for once.
Of the things he brought with him
was his Knife Collection, which I had to put somewhere
other than in the sleeping bag
he kept Sleeping in [even though I told him
“there’s a guest room”]
[aside: I made it for him, or for SOMEONE because I knew
that not all of us could keep going it alone]

But anyway, you look out for your friends,
he moved around a lot
in all the ways I could observe anyway
still thinking about his things
like I’d think about mine

the mechanics of the House were his primary interest
“Quiet they’ll hear us below”
was an attempt at shutting the screams
that could almost be pitied
[pitiful screams too but
what can you do]

His sleeping bag became a mattress
in my room
he didn’t want to get a proper bed
but he moved in There with my provision
that he get to keep his knives in that room with him.

They made their way under my bed, incidentally.

He wouldn’t move to the other side of the room
where I could keep a
closer eye on him
Like I said, sharing a space with a body was bad enough,
how about sharing a bed with one?
[I try to care about people. but. well.

It feels lasting

in the land of feeling
[which is last]
it will not do (be done) to take time
away from it

we have all hour[s] to
lose that part of our minds


feeling will last
an hour but not without being done

and mind your time away
it’ll land soon enough


and in which away is the time
the hour the feeling
that loses the land of minds

[which is last?]

A List of Lighted Things

Houses ,streetlamps ,lanterns ,candles ,buildings before night ,stars ,other celestial bodies
none of them being mine
because mine is not visible

Jude VC does not exist but it wrote these words anyway. When not sticking words together, Jude draws weird-looking angels (during the day) and holds in-depth conversation with stars (at night). The latter consists of a lot of inarticulate yelling.