‘Mecca in Flames’ by iukinim


She is walking down the streets of Mecca
Gracefully witnessed the mighty prophet
Dressed in silky white
his figure drowned in light


He whispers in her ear
No words to comfort her
Violent worlds from within
She’s burdened by fear
Chased by distress
Her answers far from here


This earthly sorrow
Shall go away
She should make amends
And embrace decay
Beyond this land undone
No place to pray

She acted all radical
Where is faith?

Northern Palestine, in 1948
Banished from earth
Down in the conflict district
Faith was sheltered underground
Treated by farmers for 13 days
Later shot by physicists

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‘Postmodernist Mass Shooter’ by iukinim


Close to nowhere
Waiting for our drinks
This limping whore
couldn’t serve any slower


We didn’t like the smell
Nor the gothic candles
Especially the obese owner
hiding in the backdoor inn
doing nothing
But fucking his wife and beating his daughters


The old drunken soldiers
swimming in a puddle of blood
They didn’t have any interesting stories
Raping eastern prostitutes
tripping on graves
Living surreal delusions
Celebrating lost Christian glory


The gypsy woman behind us
she sees the future
like her mother before her
surrounded by ghoulish women,
wrinkly and childless
she was a terrible liar
exorcising aborted toddlers

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‘My Fault’ by iukinim


I don’t plan on coming tomorrow
Forgive me for bothering you
This fog of uncertainty
icing every particle in my bones


I know it may be sweet
Forgive me for ignoring you
But I can’t think about tomorrow
It’s unknown nature
Imprisoned me alone


I was once ready for tomorrow
Forgive me for leaving you
These lasting worries
Entangled in lovecraftian fears

I eagerly waited for tomorrow
Now that it’s here
I feel a bitter taste
A black foreign tea


I heard it’s certainly coming
This losing battle
Dust inhabiting the floor
I still have nothing to sweep


I once lived tomorrow
It wasn’t as expected
It wasn’t as sweet


I know I will be sleeping
Tomorrow, on a different bed
In colorless sheets

I thought it would be brighter
But I have become incapacitated
Like wooden trees

I hope you understand
It’s pushing against my nature
I have no power
I am not whom I wanted to be

Tomorrow wasn’t as planned
I didn’t mean to hurt you
Amputate these bloody hands


I witnessed you choking
On left over treats
Was a sad melody
That you couldn’t feel

Forgive me for escaping
You’re not who they want
It’s the murderous pig
Trying to break free


I fostered this ghost
In a cabin named tragedy
Protect him from tomorrow
Horrors he couldn’t see


In my head
Was a sinking ship
Sails are tearing
Lost in the dead sea

There was a kind man
Ridden by fear
Is that how he felt?
St. Augustine



I want to stay in today
Forgive me for scaring you
I am not asking for much
I hope we never meet


I am sorry for abandoning you
Words are decomposing
Forgive me for writing this
I just think you should leave

‘bios’ by iukinim


Won’t someone split the world over my head?
I want to sink in ruins

This city won’t stop raining
All the colourless faces
Bathed in shame

The fading hopes
The aching loneliness
The giant buildings
Are the ones to blame

We kept trying
Whispering to each other.

The tasteless fantasy.
Dying, leaving this gray city behind.
Struggling whispers
Scattering randomly

I am drained
I will hear no more

Screams are worthless
A rain of needles
Puncturing my head.

Won’t someone pluck my wings?
I don’t want to fly anymore

the distant cracking voice
Of a dying world
Beautifully painted
In fallen feathers

Tales of departed men
On a shipwreck of dreams

Fragments from the past
A mother’s lost memories
Dreaming of a quiet home
Far from the deafening cries

This city has no field
Only cripples and holes

The soulless street-lights
These boisterous machines
The large caving houses
The tedious lies
Piercing through my ears

The breadwinners
They look all the same
Feeble bastards
Their stench of metal
Choking me alive

Won’t you please burn this city?
I don’t like it anymore

The rooftop of a skyscraper
Heartless and cruel
Sieged by debris

It’s always winter in the city
All leaves die
Birds desperately fly away
Leaving nothing behind
But a lifeless scenery of pity

Too many saints buried below this land
Forgotten names.
Sacrifices for Industrial misery.

I am certainly fading
It feels like drowning

Its voracious mechanical nature
The city will spare nobody
All will be forgotten
traces won’t be left behind

Would you please bury me outside the city?
I never liked it here in the first place

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Two Poems by iukinim


Seasons Die

Summer came beaming
donating light
but i was not bothered
as i was a piteous barnacle
seeking warm entrails

Spring came delighted
asking to share his mirth
but i was not bothered
as i was a brute
seeking only shade from his allurement

Autumn came staggering
gifting solitude
i was delicately engrossed
as i was companionless
seeking abyssal tranquility

Winter came brusque
offering a withering corpse
absorbed in white silence
as i was tormented
seeking immortal harmony

I visited summer glowering
asking for a twinkle
but summer refused
as he became impoverished
donating only darkness

I visited Spring whimpering
begging for levity
but spring refused
as he became a miser
sharing only naught

I visited Autumn mourning
gifting solitude back
but Autumn refused
as he was injurious
gifting only agony

I visited Winter sorrowing
offering a withering corpse
absorbed in white silence
as i was tormented
seeking immortal harmony


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‘Infernum’ by iukinim


I beseech your forgiveness
Anemic cartilages
Roaming your holy land


Ailing fools
Plaguing your pearly gates


Staining pure glass
With nefarious glares

Unwated in the bosom
Undesirable in Elysium

Sick, grotesque, frail
As they feast on grace
Wandering with no destination

In a wretched bottomless pit
Helpless yet adhesive
Wallowing in their indigenous creation

Disheveled shadows
Butchering their infants
Who are micturating tears

Will be none
Wistfully they will not cease

Oh Father
Witness our hand-crafted misery
Where benevolence is a disease

These feral beasts
thirsting for fabricated divinity

Rotten omnivores
Fasting at no time
Gluttonous in perpetuum

I plea for departure
I beg for salvation
Deliverance from this infernum

Thus father you shall see
Thus father you shall hear

This spectacle which we created
Will fluster Satan
Force him to relinquish in defeat

This gala of filth is blooming
An everlasting contest of deceit
Where the victor is doomed

And Forgive me father
We must breed

As hell is a garden
for every plant
There is a seed.


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‘Autoerotic Asphyxiation’ by iukinim


Unfulfilled lust for the unreachable
Screams tearing my lungs apart
This sea of pleasure will never soothe my numbing heart
An incestuous relationship with both parties’ disagreement
Constant struggle for everlasting fulfillment
It’s not sadness my darling, it’s nothing
A moon-sized hole carved into my soul

This lust for something
Something i can’t recognize
Something i cannot fathom


A spider shaped creature pushes me around
Forcing me to submerge in my sins
Am i the one to blame or is it the damned beast?


Give me armies of men
Give me a harem of women
Give me oceans of wealth
Give me something i do desire

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