Two Poems by H.N. Hunt

sc june 18

Safe Upon The Shore

We stand
Smeared in starlight
All of our graces lie dead
Alone and armed against
Night’s swiftly encroaching desolation
We find
Imagined terrors ignite
Flights of fear into frigid
Enclaves of evil

We stumble
Upon undiscovered utopias
Providing plenty to we pariahs of paradise
We sail
Over oceans of opportunity
Our flagships capsize
Sunk by agents of
Negativity drawn to our
Nautical nexus points

We flee
Terrors thundering through thoughts
Of escaping our demise
We run
Hellbent from horrendeous
Disasters threatening to run
Without regret to better tomorrows
Evils escape the enclosures
We crafted from optimism
And hunt us through the nights

We land
Safe upon the shores of sanity
Searching for dreams
Helping homeless heroes hold
To losses refound
We find
Safe harbors
Over oceans of originality
Secure in our dreams
Revelling in recklessly redoubled
Hopes forever secluded
Even ensconced in endings
Far from happy ever after

We survive

The Pirate

Clean the blood off the dead man’s face
And send him to the brine
Tend to the marks he made
And those he left behind

See the captain sleeping
His hand far from the helm
Secure the wheel and send him down
Lord and master of a new realm

Care to the crew awakenin’
No warning cry be heard
Quiet them all forevermore
And speak not a word

Weigh the bodies with anchor and yard
And dress them now in chains
Send them to the depths below
Ne’er to be seen again

Fill the pockets with treasure
And tell us to stow the oars
Walk proudly astern and boldly declare
‘This ship be ours’

I’ll clean the blood off your dead face
And tell you did your best
And I should be lucky to see
My captain laid to rest

H. N. Hunt has been writing since she was a teenager with varying degrees of success. She enjoys working on her writing and reading and hiking and reading. She currently lives in central Pennsylvania where she is trying to hike as frequently as possible between work and reading. She is also the proud owner of a blog about many of the interesting things she’s done in her life, which can be found here: