Two Poems by Giacomo


until there was no more flesh to grip

we drag barbed hooked happiness through rock pools blossoming red coral sharpness

a hard blue choking back blood freezing razor ribbons held tight between held hands

falling against wet fingers ripping soft palms

our eyes taste bone’s whiteness before the scab

1000 year’s marbled warmth unloved against fragile fists

bent toothed knuckles cracking tear ducts pooling hot love smeared

my mouth screamed throated sobs and from your pockets handfuls of my hair

still wet from the shower

bloodshot black eyes bruised by heavy kisses to bandage neglect of when you needed flesh to grip

and I was sheeted flint cracking from the weight of wet breath

you clear clouded eyes with a rolled sock from our floor and through the hole in your body

a new space that is unchanged except for the cavity of each point with your shape

we rip a square of skin from the soft lined flesh under our eyes

i fold you delicately to place in the damp under tongue and taste you with every kiss

in dark rooms new loves hold my bones under your skin and my hands end with your fingertips

we fall hard rocks crashing from white foam and bite down fierce misplaced lust cracking shards

you are

long after I’m bleached and picked clean by passers by


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