‘MINE BRUT EMERGENT’ by Garett Strickland


blue flips red bloop ripple bongo gremlin emerald groan garden hamburger hamburger hump wagon banger police riot indigo omelet retardo message collective inferno flamingo stamp chaser booger flagellant talent trout staver sidewise infuriator beg bedazzler

fish scoop rhomboid medallion medallion strum gardener flap gimlet exegesis protectant reservoir doctor rumpled furnace stumble fumbler

kraut layer                               boobie snot


cram dumpling esophagus rum double barb duplicitous bas relief fat diet

dick stink sound

a glitter hidden in your butthole pucker


grape glitter extravagant investigation analysis say boob lolly grump scoop dingo

scoot scoot it bitch little rabbit make mean salad

GRUNT                       GRUNT GRUNT

shit culture whoa
shit culture whoa whoa

chunk alphabet ready non sequitur amazing to jump bumpin laughs in the tastic

in love a love of seabiscuit standard setting on a twist

rocky steady stepper round a twiddle disser

grumble grumble ontological

infuriated font double double blister taste rainbow manger

acute no ah no despair despair

space garbage a crumbler an encumberment commercial for attrition

hope say the semblance of hoping the disquietor the stallion bumping toothpick user to do list inquirer love dumpling disquisition embarrasser medallion a badgewear enblanketment

some kind of a cool house
some kind of a cool house to be in a house that was not just the hope of house to feel it was my house and no other house a house that is perfectly house perfectly cool idea of a house without any other idea no idea of any sort of book that had ever not ever had a house no book there is no book just a house my house i am in my house the perfect idea of my house my house that i have from the idea of the house that i have for me my house in my perfect happiness my cool house my own my very own cool that perfect cool of my house that i’m in in this house

that was nothing that was ever burnt to make a foundation for this house just house just house that has a foundation without need for a question of foundation to make the foundation a foundation something separate

i will spend all say       i mean say i mean day

i will live all day in my house that’s mine that is my house

i will spend it i am alone here but you you are welcome reader
reader my dear reader

my dearest reader

my perfect reader my most perfect most precious cherished READER

hey READER hey READER HEY welcome reader welcome reader to my house

the necessity of balance

you my reader here with me reader perfect best reader my reader

reader hey reader say reader reader hey reader reader welcome to my house

my command center my house this house that you’re in my house it’s my command center understand i’m sure you do you’re no dummy you know being no dummy that this house my house is my command center so welcome inside my command center

i love you my brother my sister or else why would i let you in and altho you may not love me that in no way influences my loving you or my loving of you and my choice to make it known to you that i love you or else i would not let you in

and you may think that well i just went ahead and let you in didn’t i and why would you be so special that i should let you in so easily when you could just as well be anybody some other shlub but i tell you reader i tell you that i know i have not made a mistake my dearest perfect reader because it is you reader who is here and not some other reader and i could always choose to be alone but i have you reader with me

show me god’s movie


no life for you bitch
not a one not a goddamn one
hiding your heart like its worth someone

you gonna touch me? you really gonna touch me?

stuck. stuck in a goddamn spot. forever unmoving. never. just that word, never, like a source, like being this, this here, this here nothing: a nothing

GARETT STRICKLAND is the editor of .PLINTH., ICHNOS, and other publications of the Unwin-Dunraven Literary Ecclesia. He is the author of a long-poem, WHOA DONT CARE (Jerkpoet, 2015), and UNGULA (forthcoming from Solar▲Luxuriance). He’s an ordealist.