Four Poems by Gale Acuff

soft cartel may 2018


Jesus is my friend but Miss Hooker is
my girl, she’s my Sunday School teacher so
since she learns me all about Jesus and
the Father and the Holy Ghost that’s why
I worship her even though I’m only
10 and she’s 25 and there’s fifteen
years between us but Mother said when I
asked her at the supper table last night
if a younger man can date an older
woman she replied Sure, why not, who cares
about age so there you go, I’d marry
Mother if I couldn’t have Miss Hooker
so after Sunday School this morning I
left but came back to ask her, Miss Hooker
I mean, if when I’m of legal age and
will she please find out when that is will she
marry me and she smiled and said Let’s wait
until the time comes and you can ask me
then and then smiled again and that’s
good for a Probably not, I’d take it
over a Yes any day, well almost,
but when I’m 16 or 18 or what
-ever the littlest age is you can bet
I’ll be back here or wherever she is,
Miss Hooker I mean, to propose to her,
and if she says No I’ll ask her again
until she says Yes and if she says Yes,
I mean of instead of saying No, I’ll go
buy a ring–for a hole in the middle
so most of it looks missing it can sure
cost plenty. So I’m starting to save up.

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