‘street art’ & ‘sans scruple’ by Frankie Spring


street art

i have never driven home quite right
in the dark and the rain
but tonight streetlights
painted red green and yellow stains
on the cold unfeeling pavement

(these dashes shining alive
from contrivance
artificial order and
manufactured beauty)

shine my lantern
I am the firefly

sans scruple

i love you
on the tip of my tongue
a perched bird
standing alert and suspended
for the call of the flock leader,
the music that means take flight,
bids them leave the place
of congregation for the sky,
two by two
me with you,
words the perched birds
and i the alarm bell
must move and sing

Frankie Spring is an undergraduate student at Indiana University South Bend majoring in English Writing. She has never understood a single joke, or the elusive art of networking, but likes to think she’s a nice person anyway. So far, her poetry has appeared in her college’s literary journal. It will also soon appear in Retirement Plan, a zine showcasing South Bend artists and writers.