‘Deja Vu’ & ‘Skyward’ by Frank C. Modica


art by Rachel Caiano

Deja Vu

Sitting in a restaurant,
I hold my red-headed
three-month old granddaughter,
look into her steel grey eyes.
She laughs at my silliness,
only has eyes for an overhead fan;
swish swash.

I gaze at one future
but my attention
wanders a lifetime,
out the restaurant windows,
into a graying January street,
where sharp winds rustle
the winter-shredded trees,
until my granddaughter
laughs again, catches my eye,
reels me back into the moment,
looks over my head;
swish swash.


My daughter bounces
on the swing seat under
the leaf-mottled sunshine
of an Illinois park. Her short
legs pump the warm spring air,

The rasp of the swing bolts
screeches like red tail hawks
chasing dreams across the sky,
the gusting wind scatters
our dancing shadows.

When I push her up to the clouds
we both reach up for memories,
but gravity pulls us earthward,
too soon the moment passes;
our thoughts touch the cool ground.

Walking back to the car,
she grabs my hand,
laces her fingers in mine.
Looking up in my eyes, she asks,
“Daddy, can we swing again?”

Frank C Modica is a retired special education teacher who likes history, Brussel Sprouts, dark beer, and asparagus. Frank’s writing is animated by interests in history, geography, religion/spirituality, and sociology. He currently lives in a university community, where he enjoys the various cultural opportunities that are available to him. His short story “Homemade” was selected as an Honorable Mention in the Midway Journal 2017 -1000 Below Flash Prose and Poetry contest. His work has appeared in Slab, Heyday, Cacti Fur, Black Heart Magazine, The Tishman Review, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, and FewerThan500.