Three Poems by Effy Winter


For Kenan

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

as he is pouring inside of me,

as I burn a flame for him within this cage,
nurturing the fire with bloody psalms.

He is carving scripture
wounds into our skin, petal soft.

Amorea mortuus sum.
Amorea mortuus sum.

I almost die as he splits himself, a raging holiness
tearing through my deathgown.

It is with a putrid heart that I dream

It is with a putrid heart that I dream

of the melting of heaven
sinking into black silky depths,

of succulent virginal fluids weeping from naked lips.

We are ache-ridden, bloodied –
struck by rosary pearls as the breath of God lingers
upon our tender throats.

A flushed hymen breaks softly
and I am sick again,
sore from penetration.

You are sick for cunt blood

You are sick for cunt blood and milk mouth / red for my Russian ballet / I am slipping bondage silk into our clotted wound bath, raging through the bloodmilk reaping and devil-clawing flesh
to cut the sickness from the root.

Your fist down my throat splits the overgrown wilted salvia, sallow chaplet / womb crown.

If your heart is sore, cradle the filth / from my harvested wound cocoon / inside your cum
soiled claws / carry my septic flesh / dead rosary and bone / heavy around your neck,
a noose of sacrificed rot to pray with.

Starved, I reclaim you like wet dirt / pregnant and exhausting corpse perfume.

Effy Winter is a contemporary romantic poet, provocative by nature. Her work explores eroticism and heartache while portraying the spawning of a carnal hunger for witchery, lust and self-sacrifice. Effy’s first novel, Flowers of the Flesh, is set to be released in December 2018. Her poetry is forthcoming in Rust + Moth and other literary journals. You can learn more about Effy and her work at Twitter: @fleurwomb