‘Another Day’ & ‘A Broken Birdhouse’ by Dale Jones

soft cartel april 2018

Another Day

I gaze at her
from afar
sweet like a daisy
that bloomed up to the soft sky

she runs down the stairs
like a child on christmas day
i walk towards her
to ask her

that one question
but i say another day
another day
they always say

A Broken Birdhouse

I am a broken birdhouse
chained to a tree
on the outside the sun reflects on it
like a shiny mirror
on the inside all dark
like a monster seeing its reflection
on a shattered mirror
wondering what has it become
as the days go by
the birds don’t fly in
i wish they would bring their light
to block out the dark
i am a broken birdhouse
chained to a tree
i wish someone would
set me free

Dale Jones is a poet even though he dislikes that term. His work has appeared in The Plath Poetry Project. His twitter which he rarely checks is @Dale_Jones1