‘Big Bosomed River’ & ‘For the Gone Mother’ by Beth Oast Williams

soft cartel may 2018

Big Bosomed River

River swells like a lady
puffing up her chest
shows off cleavage
as she flows over the edges
of her dress.

River swells in orgasm
of heavy breathing
riprap unable to hold back
the waves as they burst
in succession on the shore.

She lays down in the street
vomits in the basement
a drunken mess
pumped from the stomach
after the damage is done.

Salt of sweat left behind
streaks white on the windows
like the caps
tipped towards us
when the river pays a visit.

For the Gone Mother

Sometimes I capture night thoughts
like butterflies in a net
and hold on to them until the morning

the new day when all is forgiven
and the sun takes a mother’s place
gently easing me out of sleep

this morning a jar full of words
spilled onto the breakfast counter
regrets burst the perfect dome

of an over-easy egg
its barren juice
ruining scattered slips of paper

what was routine now a mess
no clean towels to mop up
the memory of what was said

this day will not die by noon
in a cold hospital room
it will clock out on time

and before the next sunrise a man’s hand
will once again steal tomorrow
from an unsuspecting hen.

Beth Oast Williams is a student with the Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Her poetry has appeared recently in Lou Lit and SHANTIH.  A former librarian, she spends most of her time still trying to make order out of chaos.