well on craigslist enquiring nude females only need
apply for this position (dog) styled up as
80s lovers with big hair allover
cleaners hear so much but they can’t say things
no wait more accurately they are assumed to be unable to say things
and I’m assumed to lack a tongue to be all ears
to be all, bending over you on the sofa
to get that spot
joking inside my head i could get choked to death any moment
which wouldn’t be ironic
but it would be really typical
yeah well so is your mum like this right oh yeah
and anyway he says only use green products
so the animals aren’t hurt and the women aren’t animals
and there’s a position for ‘asian cleaners’
which makes me sick ewhen I see it sooooooo….

hey it’s like this right
i’m close to snapping
whatdoyasay right
hey i’m only enquiring asof rightnow i’m not being entirely serious
i’m just interested if you’d like to of course no no i just like to watch
i can provide my own maid’s outfit for you to wear
all cleaning supplies also provided too
all liquids packed into spray bottles
carefully labelled so asnot to cause any confusion
boxes of hundreds of sponges
rags still in their plastic packages
brooms with plastic bristles instead of hair or artificial hair
three different types of vacuum all for different conceptual instances
and only one of them is pure in the sense that
it believes its own argument,
the others are just taking up devil’s advocate roles
libertarian-contrarian-suctionism for the inside of briefcases
he says we might not even be in the same room
i just like to know you’re in there, wiping down the mirrors
wearing that thing,

please i’ll pay you to just have a girl’s night with me can we talk about
boys? i want to talk about boys. let’s talk about boys. boys! boys… okay, boys
boys, boys. i love boys, good for me right, boys! i think. godfucking jesus
boys. no okay let’s talk about riverdale. what do girls talk about
do they talk about riverdale? they don’t talk about riverdale,
they talk about, um,
girls maybe. they talk about cleaning and being nude
and they write in detail nonsexually about their vaginas
I know you don’t have one but right still
you still talk about them all the time right i’m not wrong there

[poet speaking now] i get an email back saying ‘i’ll keep you
in mind’ what the fuck does that mean okay
sorry you were so desperate for a girl to come over
and mop for you but now suddenly the moment i’m trans
it’s ummmm i’m not sure. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
hun! fuck you! honestly! i’m like,
so hot as well. i don’t want to be wanted. let’s talk about boys.
let’s talk about being wanted.

i want
to be wanted
then wanted again
in the space of a few minutes
every time you look away
un-want me
every time you look back
want me
so on
like that
keep turning away
keep turning back
you could snap my neck
right now if you wanted
maybe he does want to
men often do
girls sometimes too
but not as often
not as intensely
we aren’t talking about girls
right now anyway. we’re talking about men

actually could you move i saw some crumbs right where you sat down

i think. okay yes thank you. they get all in the cracks between the
sofa cushions. you never know what you’ll find down there. haha!
can you, not, i’m busy right now? i’m doing something.
i’m sort of busy hun.

Anne Askew

Anne Askew was a protestant martyr, unique in that there exists what claims
to be authentic accounts of her torture written by her.

No longing
the racks of days
days racked up
cylindrical bias
Questions that
cannot conceivably ever be answered
at least not truthfully
The mouse
that nibbles at the raw
flesh that exists
in rings around the wrists
the ankles
the throat
the bread of the living body
is not transformed into
the bread of sacrifice
it is still only the bread
of the living body
which is still sort of holy
in a roundabout sort of way
the truth
the matter
the matter,
hushed and heavy,
bring the bundle out
carried on a chair
for it has lost the use
of her legs like so
martyrological signs
suggesting a significant
violence which makes it
all the more Protestant
a lot of women have died
burning on the steak
do you really think that makes you special?