‘THE DOG or just another barking epilogue?’ & ‘WINTER’ by Alexandrina Barajin

sc june 18

THE DOG or just another barking epilogue?

You know it’s different when you walk the street
And you see:
Everything is an impossibility. For you.
A man walking a dog?
In previous life you’d think nice, why not.
Today is different –
The man with dog
Is just another something
I will not afford.

No joy left.
It seems

And I know, it’s just a dog,
But this someone else’s dog
Is barking my epilogue!
Kind of big event.

Stigma. The dog. Me. I want to join the Infinity.


Drinking gluehwein next to the window
Watching the cars outside.
It’s morning, sight is blurry
7 am? too early…
[I should prepare the breakfast
But I’m under motivated.]

Never felt home in here,
But I wouldn’t feel a stranger
If besides me, or in another room
Will be there – You.
It would be different, kind.
Just enough…
I would regain my might.

They say someday I will have it all
But it won’t be what I implore:
It will be another window;
Some other cars;
Definitely another you.
I’m not sad
I would love to love you.
The thing I lost – I never had
Its recuperation – impossible.