Three Poems by Abby Richardson


The Card Game

The game which is my mind
The joker and its tricks it has
My mind has all the cards
I can never know its hand
Even if i keep tabs on on those playing cards
I don’t know what is in store,
the stakes may be high
For those playing cards have two players
And I am not one of those


Ace a test, Ace at class
Pass at school
Ace at that job interview
Pass at a carrer
Ace at being the best wife
Pass at being a great mom and giver
Ace at letting go,
Pass on forgiveing and forgetting,
Ace at beauty,
Pass in society,
Ace at life?

Little Soldier

Be a good little soldier
Always do what I say, little solider
Never quesion me, little solider
Even if you think other wise, little solider
Even if you want to speak your mind, little solider
Always stay in lin line, little solider
Be a good little soldier