SOFT CARTEL is a collective of writers who like seeing forward movement, experimentation, and just plain fun. Writing deserves to be more than bloodless rehashed stories and backslapping inner circle clique bullshit.

So here is what we’re looking for:

FICTION: we like experimental, rule breaking, and most importantly, well written stories. we also believe that the genre/literary distinction is a blurred one and we don’t discriminate harshly.

ANALYSIS: watch movies? read books? listen to compact discs? we love good reviews but we care more about your narrative than what you’re actually reviewing. boring reviews of new hollywood films generally aren’t our style; deep analysis of late night cartoons are always welcome.

NONFICTION: is there a true story you want to tell? we want extensive pieces about your life. we prefer more specific ideas to general memoir type stuff, though. if you aren’t sure, submit it, and we’ll read it and let you know.

POETRY: on SOFT CARTEL, you will find the loosest definition of poetry imaginable – lay it on us. but the only rhymes we respect are christopher wallace.

ART: if you’ve been working on any pieces of visual art you’d like the world to see, we want to publish them. photographs, paintings, drawings, whatever else you can come up with. if you can see it, we want to post it.

If you’ve got something, why not send it in? we don’t send form rejections and we actually read all our submissions. we’ll take the time to let you know what we think of your piece, even if we don’t think it’s the right fit for the site. email your work to, as long as it isn’t a PDF file, along with any information you’d like printed in your byline.