SOFT CARTEL likes seeing forward movement, experimentation, and just plain fun. Writing deserves to be more than bloodless rehashed stories and backslapping inner circle clique bullshit. Our prose editor is not a fan of political writing so please don’t send any politically charged fiction, non-fiction, or analysis. We are also not looking for anything that is gratuitously violent, sexual, or blatantly offensive.

So here is what we’re looking for:

FICTION: we like experimental, rule breaking, and we like plain english too, but most importantly, we like well written stories that leave an impression. give us something worth remembering. we also believe that the genre/literary distinction is a blurred one and we don’t discriminate on elements of sci fi and fantasy. we have no specific word limit, but please do not send us novels or novellas at this time. keep it down to what can be feasibly read in one sitting, typically under 6 pages is what we’re looking for as we dabble / contemplate creating a physical medium to publish larger works. We will read up to ten pages. If you’re submitting flash (500 – 1000 words) feel free to send up to 3 at a time.

ANALYSIS: watch movies? read books? listen to compact discs? we love good reviews but we care more about your narrative than what you’re actually reviewing. boring reviews of new hollywood films generally aren’t our style; deep analysis of late night cartoons are always welcome.

NONFICTION: is there a true story you want to tell? we want extensive pieces about your life. we prefer more specific ideas to general memoir type stuff, though. if you aren’t sure, submit it, and we’ll read it and let you know. Keep it down to what can be feasibly read in one sitting, typically under 9 pages is what we’re looking for as we dabble / contemplate creating a physical medium to publish larger works.

POETRY: on SOFT CARTEL, you will find the loosest definition of poetry imaginable – lay it on us. we ask that you send us at least two poems, or if you send us a single poem, that it be fairly substantial. we also have no prejudices against meter or rhyming poetry, but please try to avoid sounding like a nursery rhyme (unless you intend to!) PS: we’re open to poetry with creative formatting, but please be aware that making your poem work in wordpress, and display properly across multiple devices, is much harder than it was to make it work in your text editor. we’ll do our best and will be cooperative if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

ART: if you’ve been working on any pieces of visual art you’d like the world to see, we want to publish them. photographs, paintings, drawings, whatever else you can come up with. if you can see it, we want to post it.

CARTEL asks for original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but please be prompt about withdrawing it once it has been accepted somewhere else. Once we publish something, you, as the author, have full rights to do anything you would like with it, including publish it elsewhere.

If you’ve got something, why not send it in? we don’t send form rejections and we actually read all our submissions. we don’t sit on your work forever just to reject it – we respond to all emails within a week. if we fail to respond within a week, please send us a nudge. we’ll get on it. we’ll take the time to let you know what we think of your piece, even if we don’t think it’s the right fit for the site. email your work to (.doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt preferred for text submissions) along with any information (social handles, previous credits, biographical info written in the third person, etc) you’d like us to publish, under whatever name you’d like us to use.