If you have a large body of work you’d like published on SOFT CARTEL, we will consider you for a residency. We’ll publish your work continually until we run out of material, be they poems, stories, paintings, photographs – anything. Here are the artists who have kept the front page burning red hot for days on end:

David Bossano

“Meriden Arms”

“What Are You Afraid Will Happen to You?”

“The Boy and the Whale”

“Seeing Trails”

Alec Ivan Fugate

Photographs of Madness: Inside Out

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


Lenore S. Beadsman

‘Allie’ and ‘Valeria’

‘Taleen’ and ‘Strawberry’

‘Shalikova’ and ‘Kick’

‘Kamila’ and ‘Donatella’

John Tuttle

‘The Perfect Utopia — For How Long’

‘Jungle Clashing Within’

‘Repetitive Forms Around Me’

‘The Planetary Procession’

Four Pieces

Ramona L. Elke

‘Martyrs, All’

‘Stepping Stones’

‘Walking in Destruction…Again’

‘King David of Montreal’

‘o-o-o-open’ & ‘the devil’s in the details’

‘just good enough’ & ‘the longing is sweeter than anything’

Britton Gildersleeve

‘Ghazal for a Blue Ridge Home’ & ‘The House Where the Wind Lives’

‘Warrior’ & ‘Resist’

‘Dust on a tropical breeze’ & ‘Inside out’




Wyatt Martin

‘Time is Worth’

‘Dream Ending’ & ‘Lipstick Car Wreck’

‘Morning is Endless Among Trees’

‘O Absence’ & ‘Daywalker’

‘Today Walking’

Walker Storz

‘Untitled #1’


‘Simian’s Sad Song’

‘Simians 3’

‘Pale God’


Eight Photos

‘Sonata 4 a Dying Loser’

G.P. DeSalvo 

‘Impoverished Summer’

‘They Continue to Hollow-Out Mother and One Day She’ll Have No Body Left to Hold Me’

‘On the Broken Backs of Others’

‘Square Peg Ranch’

Three Pieces