“The Ghost of Mile 43”

When Shaw is exiled from his suburban home he is determined to leave society behind. Taking up residence in a decaying mining town abandoned for decades, he encounters do-gooders and lost souls, each with their own schemes to bring him back to the world. Follow the exile as he trades his watch for a bag of sandwiches, his modern life for that of a placid scavenger.


“Ghost of Mile 43 is damp and dilapidated. Sleeping on concrete slabs under the forest canopy. Craig Rodgers’ work here is slow and melodic. Mapping the arcane routines of the wastrel.”  

– Mike Corrao, author of Gut Text and Man, Oh Man  



“The Ghost of Mile 43 is a hypnotic, unsettling, visceral story that will take you to some astonishing places—physically and emotionally—never quite letting you come back. Not entirely. Not whole. A gripping story about loss, hope, regret, and longing this tale mixes a blend of Brian Evenson, Shirley Jackson, and Peter Straub to create something strikingly original.”  

– Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Breaker, Thriller nominee



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