“That’s Cereal, Hunny” (NF) by Kat Giordano

I met “Koji” on a 2D sidescrolling MMORPG called Maplestory back in ~2008. I was in 7th grade, going into 8th. Looking back, that summer was a very special sweet spot, the exact point of diminishing returns between freedom and responsibility after which the demands on my time would only increase. The following summers would… Continue reading “That’s Cereal, Hunny” (NF) by Kat Giordano

“Decathexis: Prologue” by Manuel Marrero

Trigger Warning: contains a graphic depiction of predatory language from a character being influenced by Evil. It should go without saying that we do not condone this behavior or thought process in any way.  To my agents in the field, my operatives in place; angels of light, demons of terror— I’ve traveled by Silk Roads to deliver… Continue reading “Decathexis: Prologue” by Manuel Marrero

“Roadkill” by David Estringel

(previously published by Expat press)       Sitting and swiveling, lazily, in my broken leatherette desk chair, I looked around my office, searching its contents for some sense of purpose for being there, but much to no avail.  Brown bookcases lined the walls, squeezed tightly together in uniform fashion. The shelves were concaved, virtually choking on artifacts collected (hoarded, really) over… Continue reading “Roadkill” by David Estringel