Five Works by Betsy Jenifer

safe rowing.jpg
‘Safe Rowing’
an array of keychains.jpg
‘An Array of Keychains’
smoking muzzle (1).jpg
‘Smoking Muzzle’
trying to be glamorous.jpg
‘Trying to be Glamorous’
silver lining.jpg
‘Silver Lining’

Betsy Jenifer is an eighteen-year-old writer and artist from Vellore, south India. She has been published in Canvas, The Claremont review, Polyphony, The Door is A Jar, The Tishman review and Foliate Oak, among others.


Three Works by Gary Van Haas

Gary art - Contemplation 2001
Gary art - Fall of New World Order 2001
‘Fall of New World Order’
‘Race of Time’

Gary Van Haas‘ unique art works have evolved from love of surrealist imagery and his search for expression in today’s quixotically dominated socio-political arena. In his paintings, he combines an illusionary vocabulary with non-objective subject matter as a way to impress color and collage, which instead of relying mainly on imagery, responds formally and expressively to the illusionist idea of surrealist space and time.