March 2019

“Items Not Found in Home Depot” by Kyle Lee (NF)

“Shooting Johnny” (NF) by Terry Dawley

“That’s Cereal, Hunny” (NF) by Kat Giordano

‘3 Poems’ by Mika Hrejsa

‘2 Poems’ by Alina Stefanescu


February 2019

‘I Don’t Remember Being Born on Mars’ by Austin Davis

‘3 Poems’ by Cait Reynolds

“Wolves are Here” by William Falo

“wash it down with gin” (NF) and two paintings by Kelly Matheson

“A Stammerer at a Wedding” NF by Rick White


January 2019

“‘III Poems’ by Mike Andrelczyk” 

‘Jesus Christ (dionysos)’ and ‘Fever’ by Walker Storz

“Un-Mouse” by Alex Evans

“Babies in the Sink” by Grace Safford

“How to Summon the Dark Lord Hades” by Declan Cross


December 2018

“A Murder of Crows” by William Falo

“The Society of Morning Fuel Pump Parkers” by Greg Oldfield

“THE PEPPERMINT FOX” by Robert John Miller

“The SMTWTFS Box” by Adam McCulloch

“Two Passing Galaxies” by Alexander Perez


November 2018

“To Hell in a Wheel Barrow” by David Henson

“FIREBIRD” Jared Povanda

“New Tricks” by Alexandra O’ Neil

“The Boy with a Void” by Nick Farriella

“Roasted Turnips” by B F Jones


October 2018

“Head” by Zac Smith

“THE SCABS” by Marisa Crane

“Vibration” and “Peace” by David Bassano

“The Tony Harmon Magic Show” by Chip Jett

‘Blacktop’ by Kristin Garth

September 2018

~brief hiatus~

August 2018

Five Poems by Jordan Hayward

Four Poems by Samuel J. Fox

‘Morus’ by William Guppy

Four Poems by Rebecca Kokitus

July 2018

‘A Quarter of a Tank’ by John Dolan

Four Poems by Wanda Deglane

‘Brimstone’ by Dave Henson

‘Bad enough’ & ‘Breakthrough’ by Francine Witte

June 2018

‘Cigarette’ by Zach Harbaugh

‘The Ghost’ by Marie Anderson

‘Papa Asparagus’ by Megan Wildhood

‘Pond Water’ by Cavin Bryce

May 2018

‘The Arm of Ernesto Stranguellini’ by Gregory Von Dare

‘The Hook I Hang On’ by Thomas Gordon Reynolds

‘New York With The Invisible Whip’ by Ron Clinton Smith

‘The Yellow Slide Agreement’ by Amber Beardsley

April 2018

Three Poems by Kelly R. Samuels

‘Classmates’ by Mike Lee

Four Poems by Allan Lake

Five Works by Marlene Caroselli

March 2018

‘Ike Clanton’ by Henry Simpson

Five Poems by Rich Boucher

‘The Nobody Who Is Everywhere’ by Alexander Blum

February 2018

‘Machiavelli Jones’ by Steve Carr

‘Irritable Bowels of Hell’ by Rupert McLintock

Five Poems by Ronda Redmond

‘Borders’ by Aaron Jacobs

January 2018

‘An Exemplary Career’ by Richard Greenhorn

‘Pale God’ by Walker Storz

Three Poems by Nancy Botta

‘Way Out to China’ by Jim Meirose