“Roadkill” by David Estringel

(previously published by Expat press)       Sitting and swiveling, lazily, in my broken leatherette desk chair, I looked around my office, searching its contents for some sense of purpose for being there, but much to no avail.  Brown bookcases lined the walls, squeezed tightly together in uniform fashion. The shelves were concaved, virtually choking on artifacts collected (hoarded, really) over… Continue reading “Roadkill” by David Estringel

“Special Delivery” by Kelly Anne Doran

The old man delivered flowers every weekday morning, to a variety of locations. The flowers were left on his doorstep each morning and would contain instructions for proper delivery. Occasionally he would need to deliver them to a particular recipient. Occasionally they had no recipient, but needed to be taken to a location and tucked… Continue reading “Special Delivery” by Kelly Anne Doran

“Tenting Tonight in a Four Poster” by Walter Giersbach [Non-Fiction]

  [Pictured: Marion Fisk on the Chautauqua Circuit billed as “America’s Foremost Cartoonist.”] I eagerly anticipated tales of Indian lovers and horrifying winters and camping with a horse-drawn wagon when my grandmother came to stay each summer in the early 1950s.  The rewards came when Moms let me sleep in her rope-strung, four-poster bed with the… Continue reading “Tenting Tonight in a Four Poster” by Walter Giersbach [Non-Fiction]