‘Sadist Poems’ by J.T Edwards


You Sweet Maiden

Girl you sing like flesh in a buzzsaw
I love the way you die
I wanna rot with you in a pale sky
Swallow my rancid semen baby
Let me inject you with my barbed wire sorrow
It’s a plague carnival of puppets
Honey don’t you cry
I’ll give you an ocean of morphine
And we’ll carve out each others eyes
Livin’ like dreams forever
Together we will FUCKIN’ FLY

Weeping Neon Skies

The cold dance of green flies
Swarming around a fresh suicide
Twitching beneath the serpents kiss
Sucking hard on bloodless fingers
She crouched down screamin’ and dreamin’
Pounding dead flesh in the kudzu vines
Fuck! It feels like chopping up dead babies
In a coffin full of dope and cockroaches
Tripping on blue sunbeams and eatin’ dead birds
Till mother comes bleeding from the fields
Bathed in gasoline screams in a techno whisper
Suck the universe through a straw
Till the stars come crashing down

Baby, why do you amputate my dreams?
I’m just cryin’ to be cryin’
Don’t you EVER let me stop dyin’

J.T. Edwards is a misanthropic hilljack hailing from Southern Appalachia. He’s had poetry published in Spectral Realms. You can find him on twitter @JT2688

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