“Opposite” by Tyler Dempsey


“Electrons have integrity, but fealty is another matter. Though attraction is strong, it is also, in some cases, surprisingly easy to rupture.”

Natalie Angier

On 6th. Don’t know. ‘Staying’ with Brandon, a friend. And Sage of lavender blanket of joint holes. She said, “You take the couch.” A prostitute. He sells hinge couplings. Making useful the couch. Tonight she works it, returns with money or else steals from a client, comes back, they run outfuckand she goes for more. Sunlight barking sidewalks. Brandon hams. His specialty: hamming. Teen-like-sex-impetus. People crave impetus. Relentless drugs, procreation. A thing I see: in Thailand, Ki-Ki tied it to her door, hanging, whipping darkness, me dancing in night-music. Something. I see Ali (who’s tasty), we say, “Hey.” “What’s up?” “Not sure.” “Heading to Lover’s Beach.” I love the beach, if she does. I remember Meredith, who I’m ‘seeing.’ Ruefully. I consider New Zealand, further awayspeaking of, I passed Holt, Beltline, Oak, Springdale, Armadillo . . . need a bite. Catch Meredith at rehearsal; Iris says, her, Maddie, Kat, (and, maybe, Paul) are going. I’ll find out. Maddie, “I know you, right?” Dangerous. Potential. Where am I going? With Maddie? I can smoke with Sage and Brandon. Sage, “Brandon talked, he’s cool, and I’m totally cool if you want to you know?” Hard decisions. Where to eat? Mongolian? Thai? (Ki-Ki)


Tyler Dempsey was a finalist in Glimmer Train and New Millennium Writings competitions. His work is forthcoming in Soft Cartel Magazine, and appears in X—R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Five:2:One Magazine, Buck Off Magazine, Wilderness House Literary Review, and The 3288 Review, amongst others. Find him on Twitter @tylercdempsey or at:http://tylerdempseywriting.com.

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