“Routine of Guests / Field of Horns” by Mike Corrao

35839023602_59022e1185_o (1).jpg

After years in isolation, I am introduced to company. They nourish my body with stewed root vegetables, pita bread, calasparra rice, pickled king trumpets, charred gem lettuce, roasted heirloom tomatoes, raw and mashed garlic, sheets of nori, vinaigrette stirred from olive oil and lemon juice, orange zest, halved avocados, candied almonds, pureed peas, jicama and kumquats, prosciutto slices of grapefruit, ricotta salata, basmati rice, beet marmalade spread over toast, horn sheath ground over gnocchi, harissa olives, blackberry scones and sweet potato danishes, pickled pearl onions, moon grapes, cremini mushrooms stirred through white wine sauce, carrot ginger salads, roasted walnuts and macadamias, miso soup and blistered shiitake, bruschetta, fried capers, basil and lime popcorn, scorched cauliflower, thin slices of kohlrabi, adipose, pickled watermelon rind, fresh pasta and romesco, soft cooked eggs, artichoke hearts and roasted brussel sprouts, bushels of beet stalk, roasted carrots, minestrone and faro, serrano peppers, swiss chard, celery root, radicchio, lemon veloute over orecchiette, sundried tomato pesto, pitted black olives, broccoli puree, raspberry vinaigrette, sour melon, pickled crab apples, chimichurri, toasted ciabatta and focaccia, herb gremolata, dashi, spring onions, wide and thin plates of paella, spoonfuls of honey, gutted blood oranges, tahini, peaches stewed in syrup, quartered nectarines, caramelized lemons, roasted figs, pureed red potatoes, charred cabbage, flecks of dried parsley and red pepper, croissants, pooled fluids, enoki broth, rounds of mozzarella and brie, pickled cremini, melted leeks, grilled herbs, honeycrisp apples, golden beets in brown butter, bread pudding, keratin, coffee cake, generative cells, roasted butternut squash, coconut braised spinach, clementines and plums, pureed cashews, pumpkin bisque, and pickled pears. I sink into the ground appeased by sacrifice.  


Mike Corrao is the author of Man, Oh Man (Orson’s Publishing, 2018) and Gut Text (11:11 Press, 2019). His work has been featured in publications such as Entropy, Always Crashing, and The Portland Review. He lives in Minneapolis where he earned his B.A. in film and English literature at the University of Minnesota. Learn more at www.mikecorrao.com.   

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