‘Duality’ and ‘Non-Duality’ by Dawid Juraszek & Gao Yawen

Bijou Zhou - At the Edge
art by Bijou Zhou


[When] you close your eyes
it’s also a world.

. . . pulse quickening
surrounded by
beings in colour
or in grayscale
you replay reality
tie up loose ends
entertain counter[factuals]

. . . heart rate
luxuriantly spaced out
you want to focus
on your breath . . .

. . . disperse and listen
to what arises
and falls away again.

Mindful of less . . .


When you open your eyes
it’s like you’re back
in the default world
to source your [patterns – ?]
your raw material
to replenish and restock
while already thinking . . .

. . . renewed refuge
underneath your eyelids.

on the barrier of the body
to shield you
from the outside
only strengthens its primacy.
Try again with your eyes o[pen]

Dawid Juraszek is a bilingual author based in China. His fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in The Remembered Arts Journal, Amethyst Review, The Esthetic Apostle, Soft Cartel, Amaryllis, The Font, and elsewhere. https://amazon.com/author/dawidjuraszek

orn on the Tibetan Plateau and educated near the birthplace of Mao Zedong, Gao Yawen now lives in the Pearl River Delta.

Bijou Zhou grew up in China’s Hunan province. Having first learned painting from a local artist, she went on to receive a degree in Fine Arts, before moving to the USA to study English. She now lives in Changsha, China. Her artwork has appeared in Mused Literary Review, Artis Natura, and on the cover of The Cabinet of Heed.

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