“one” and “two” by Sophie Jennis



They say sex helps distract you from mosquito bites. I am clutching a tissue in my palm for so long my hand has started to cramp up. When I was in preschool and crying they handed me a tissue and when I was done with it, I held it crumpled in my left hand and it fit the way things feel good when they fit. I still find tissues warming my palm after I use one. When I have a mosquito bite I cannot have sex, because I have no one to fuck. So I put burning water over the bite and I only feel burning, no itch. I couldn’t really tell you who I want to have sex with most. Maybe Dean because I was in love with him, maybe Sam because he was really good at different moves but was a little selfish, maybe Neil because he was pretty good and not selfish. Something different each time and I would be curious to see what it would be this time. It would definitely be something good because we haven’t seen each other in quite a while and so much has happened since. I wonder if there is any variation in mosquitos that causes those big flat bites versus the tiny round ones. I am so good at killing mosquitos because of all the anger I have for them. The quickness and precision that can only come from this fear of getting bitten. The little whiny buzz that must be eliminated, absolutely obliterated immediately.


the new york times just said that things are looking real bad. climate change. the end is comin! so i want to text you to say um, babe, will you make a baby in me? could you please put it in? we can name it something dumb like sparkle because it will be dead before it will need a resume. if it’s all going down the toilet soon, i could walk up to my boss at work with no shirt on and grab his hand and put it on my titty. i’ll press his hand in and swirl it in a circle, really slow. our baby sparkle will be a genius, she’ll be three wearing glasses, oh i always feel a soft bloom of bittersweetness when i see a young bab in glasses! the poor thing is so cute. if you really fertilize my egg in this real cold hard world i will not name it sparkle, because that’s fucking dumb. it will be a beautiful name. whatever your grandma’s middle name is, something like that. i will resent you for something and i will resent sparkle for something because women, especially as they get older, always resent the people they love for some secret reasons. but still i will be good at loving my family, and i will sacrifice myself for sparkle. when the tsunami comes and there’s only one seat left on the spaceship, i will send her off.

Sophie Jennis is a twenty-two year old writer based in the Hudson Valley of New York. You can find her work on Hobart, X-R-A-Y Lit Mag, and at sophiejennis.com 

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