‘2 More Poems’ by Laura Paul


We Bought a Condo!

Defend Boyle Heights!
Crucify Laura Owens!
All artists are to blame!
(But what about the developers?)
All artists are to blame!
(What about my friends who can’t
afford to live anywhere except Chinatown?)
Also—where do the refugees go?
I was born in Fullerton
does that mean I have to return there?
My boyfriend grew up on the west side
does that mean he has to become a billionaire?
I’ll never know who my biological father is
does that mean I’m white?
He was born of a Jew
who lost his Jewishness and
assimilated, losing everything.
Does that mean
I’m lost too?

House in L.A.

Should we buy a house in L.A.?
And watch it go up in flames
for one million dollars?
Should we slave our lives
in order to live?
And bit by bit
I will submit
each poem I write
to the mortgage company?
You’ll start wearing a tie,
drive a car.
In the summer we’ll refer to it
as Q3
and laugh
at our lack
of pleasure.
Or should we continue to live instead
in the tree house that hangs over your neighbor’s yard?
Giggling into the night
and sneaking out during the day
so that we never
get caught.

Laura Paul is a writer living in Los Angeles. Previously, her work has been published by the Brooklyn Rail, Entropy Magazine, Eohippus Labs, Shirley Magazine, and featured at the West Hollywood Book Fair and Los Angeles Zine Fair. She is the author of Entropy’s monthly Stars to Stories column and since June 2018 she’s been filming a weekly video series of her poetry at poemvideo.com. Raised in Sacramento, she’s earned her B.A. from the University of Washington, Seattle and her Master’s from UCLA. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @laura_n_paul

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