‘3 Poems’ by Jenna Vélez


blue dream

“my cloudy love”
is all that can be heard under the water
skin the color of twilight fog
she of dusk and dawn, lingering like a blue dream
she can speak in tongues of the deep
begging to hurricane down the drain
she of sea and storm, hazy like a blue dream
summer night and neon motel blue
striped across the blue raspberry
girl in blinded light
while he sings from his sink counter throne
a naked hymn to imprison herself
in his ribcage, like bondage bird
wear that skin like a tattoo
a sailor boy clinging to siren
he of maritime lullaby, sick like a blue dream
she’s smoking in the bathtub
like marlboro mermaid
ashes like that cloudy love
she’s blue skin and oil spill
tar soaked and shining
like a blue fucking dream

making out with his ghost

He lights his cigarettes with matches
Old soul and arsonist’s grace
He puts it out with a fluid wrist flick
The snap of a smoking prayer
To a God he denies exists
A smoking gun he put to his temple
Only two months before
Hoping the bullet would find a file on how to live
Burrow in a cortical wrinkle called hope
And to love is something he seems scared of
Because it will possess him whole
Roses growing where roaches used to be
I want to kiss his temples now two months later
Fire away at close range
Show him how to be loved

she who appears as a tundra in dreams

Find me at the river
Do you look like a shooting star
Keep shooting me
Your river girl
Arrows in the salmon skin
Find me in the tundra
The way the breath leads to smoke
Like the way a touch leads to missing you
Keep missing me
Your tundra girl
Braving a storm of my own
Find me in the basement
The creak of bones and beds broken
Keep breaking me
Your hidden girl
Dog barked shadow
Find me in that mirror
Staring back at you
Snow laden and razor blade cut
Put your face to me
Nose to nose
And breathe in the tundra

Jenna Velez is an emerging queer Latinx poet from the suburban Philadelphia. Her work has been featured or forthcoming in over a dozen literary journals. Jenna is currently the creator of “The Northern Bruja’s Grimoire” column at Pussy Magic Press and “By Death, She Lives” blog in Rhythm & Bones Press. She tweets @northernbruja and can be found at jennavelez.weebly.com.

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