‘3 Poems’ by Casimir Wojciech



The night is coated
in strange rhythms.
A cat in the alley eyes
a mouse, awakens
the birds. I can watch wind
blow grapefruit leaves back and
forth like this all night
out the window or beneath
starlight. I’m not thinking
about the bloody shores
or the question certainty
dies on.

Beyond a white silent wisp of
clouds we’ll all go too, very
soon. I know someone is out there
holding a baby, a bouquet
of roses, a gun. I haven’t slept
in three months. All
I do now is pull weeds, do
the dishes. G-d’s plethoras
moonlighting the distance
between a kiss & a target.
We don’t entirely understand
the mountains, the rivers, the trees,
the light. Do not go softly.
Do not bite the hand behind
stolen fire.


Impermanence of the body
extricates the unvanquished
from time & its dominion

is ascension
is a departure
is a revolving
is a music

the serpent listens, eats its tail
the sky pours drinks
this world dilates
the owl knows but won’t

stricken down
drunken toothpick alley
in rags gripping a revolver
with teeth
time barrels through
the doors singing hosanna,
who’s the highest?

through your ceremonies

: leave the doors open
to the approaching

this house crumbles
this question circles
the stage is set
the light stays on


I break the predawn silence by
feeding kief smoke to the moon—
the spark of another world invites
disappearance. We breathe in
the fumes of hunger, a voiced
desolation in the stomach of
immensity walking. Coyote eyes
shiver & flicker, dilating our distance
from the unseen.

Stolen glances evade the firmament.
Owl. Hawk. Eagle. The sky of the sky.
Leaning. My eyes are wounded by passing—
a star stutters through branches.
Harnessed by a delay in recognition.
Sometimes it takes 10 years. Sometimes
20. Lifetimes. I fear memory is not enough.
It’s alright, think of me blinking in photographs
of December’s reckoning. January’s letting
go. There’s nothing else.

Casimir Wojciech is from the Bay Area, CA and now resides in the Sonoran Desert. He edits Silver Pinion. https://silverpinion.blogspot.com/

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