‘3 poems’ by Tiffany Belieu


Drive-Thru Chapel

through the lens
of shared delusion
we stare down the legs
of Las Vegas
everything covered
by the vague
sense of loss
a veil tumbles
through starshine
streets, dirt and trash
you ask and
I pull pearls
from my mouth
turn them in
for a chip
-toothed camera flash
blinded recitation
neon unison
oaths that lined
cozy throats
fizz our kiss, cult-
pulse in forever’s pull
always safer to fold
knowing the gamble as
I do

Free Spirit, Trapped

she was a scythe
pure decision
knew ways
I couldn’t follow
fast enough
without falling
over the barricade
beaded curtains
pieces of flesh
kept secret hurt
I wanted to suck
the black blood
from bruises
it grew, the want
to keep you
safe sweet shadow
you slipped away
into your forest
mystified by closeness
like the doe
of that children’s story
remember the one
who got killed
but everyone cheered
the fawn having lived


Your heart grows rotten, syrup sweet.
My maggot mouth begs to save you.
Ribs splinter, at a deeper beat
your heart grows. Rotten, syrup-sweet
this feast of fallen fruit, we eat
through the gristle to the meat, chew
your heart. Grows rotten, syrup sweet,
my maggot. Mouth begs to save you.

Tiffany is a poetry late bloomer. Her work is published or forthcoming in Meow Meow Pow Pow, Collective Unrest, The Cabinet of Heed and Okay Donkey among others. She loves tea and cats and can be found @tiffobot on Twitter

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