‘Toy Town’ and ‘Broken’ by Lauren Franklin


Toy Town

It is just a toy town

Where I come from

Nothing special

A miniature version of reality

Sitting, breathless, awaiting the life

That comes from memory

To shrink me back down

To the foundations

It’s just a toy town

And toys never change

We were little kids

And the park swings launched higher, higher

Refusing to hit the ground

Caught in the stillness of time

A reality captured and preserved

And the worn out streets were crystallised

With the kind of silence that refuses to listen

In the peaceful sobriety of an English town



I run

Run from your childhood

Run from your friends

The family that always loved you?

Run from them.

Run until nothing is real

Except the world you created in your head

To distract yourself

From Running

Run until your feet burn in those ridiculous shoes you were forced to wear

Because your mother loved you

And wanted to save your feet

Get out,

Out while you can

From this world, from your head

From the child caught in the motion

He’s trapped in the moment that you can’t change

You run until you look back

And then all that you can see is a pair of worn out shoes.

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