“After the Races” by Erik Fuhrer


“A horse’s mouth is so large you’d need a broom to clean those pearls.”

“Nah, just rub a little baking soda into their gums with a toothbrush real carefully”

“Yeah if you wanna get your hand bit off”

“Nah, if you do it gently, they won’t bite. Watch now.”

Leah takes out her dentures.

“Gimme your travel toothbrush, Mae—I know you always have one on you.”

Mae pries open her purse and hands Leah a squat, red toothbrush, with a clean, white cap.

Leah snaps the cap off and massages the bristles into her gums.

“Like this, see?”

After close observation, Mae drops her dentures into her bag, grabs her second spare toothbrush, and they both massage their gums, pretending they are horses.

Erik Fuhrer holds an MFA from the University of Notre Dame. His prose has appeared in Microfiction Monday Magazine, formercactus, Leopardskin and Limes, Pidgeonholes and Unbroken. His work has been nominated for best microfictions 2018. You can find his site here: erik-fuhrer.com

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