‘Glass Cacophony’ by Walker Storz


Glass Cacophony


One of the four glass
walls that surround me
shimmer; as if
winking at me.
I collect this
glint, this icy ember,
and add it to the
crystalline fire I am
stoking in my heart
Being mocked hurts.
But everything
mocks me—every
reflection and
sparkle from the
grain of the
smooth glass
I am not being
watched, despite
the fact that I am
fully exposed. This
makes me burn with
cold anger. Why
should I be forsaken
here? I feel the
lack of God’s eye
mocking me. A
cool contempt; as if
I am not even worthy
of rebuke or
punishment. I am
His abandoned
I can’t break the
glass. I have tried to
punch through, but
my hand glances off;
a graceless slant

—a reminder that
I am diagonal to
God’s eye, his cool
rebuke is always
oblique, I always
glance off
A thread that
unravels and
can’t be folded back—
an irreversibly
fried egg white
And our ancestors’
fall from grace;
a swift fall; and
we have tried
ever since to
tumble back up to
without a catalyst?

A great light or
heat must
buoy us—the
energy from a
sacrifice; the
pain that is
unreasonable; black
blood swirling upwards
into a vortex
Remembering flight–
thinking of the
apex of a
circle; jumping from
the nadir
I turn the
glass into diaphanous,
sticky fabric-skin;
a cocoon—suddenly

warmer, lit yellow from
within, the
nocturnal, forest-
dwelling light of
A miracle! I
part these
curtains and
follow the
yellow globules
of light, out of
this enclosure,
into a
It smells like
singed hair
and the sweet,
sodden smell
of the air after
The air swirls
darkly, and
on the ground
surrounded by
greenery rustled
by conical
I see a clump of
wine-red, shiny
matter; pulsing,
with no face,
no eyes, no
way to sense
intrinsically, a
young, earthen
god comes
swirling and
gushing into
the world–forming

its vessels from
energy from the
sun in the
earth’s core:
souls propelling
the god into
being between
two gyres
Singing not
of blood, but
singing blood,
singing not
of the body, but
singing a body
beating a drum
bringing a
whirlwind of
atoms into a
shape that
flickers, then
Forming an
ivy-colored, helical
that reaches
vertiginous heights
weaving a spiral to the

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