“Cosmic Micros” part two, by Neil Clark


Left in the Dark

You told me your party trick was to imitate a black hole.

You covered my eyes with your hand, and when you took it away, you were gone. As was gravity. And time. And all the universe.

Bit of a shame, because I never got to show you how I can burp the national anthem.

Left in the Dark II

You asked me to watch your stuff while you went to the toilet.

As I said “yes,” my espresso became a black hole. Sucked the whole universe into the base of my cup.

But I’m a man of my word. I kept an eye on your stuff. It’ll be there when you return, albeit dotted across a billion dimensions.

Left in the Dark III

The aliens use keyboard shortcuts at the controls of the mothership.

CTRL + X cuts the contents of a planet out.

When they cut Earth, they selected everything but me.

Now I float alone in space, the rest of my planet on a clipboard, to be pasted somewhere without me.


Neil Clark is a writer from Edinburgh, The Universe and everywhere between and beyond. His work is published in Okay Donkey, The Molotov Cocktail, Five:2:One and other cool places. Find him at neilclarkwrites.wordpress.com or on Twitter, where he posts a new micro fiction most days @NeilRClark 

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