“Vibration” and “Peace” by David Bassano




Caitlyn used to say that the entire universe was nothing but vibration. She read it in a book. Everything, everywhere, was just music, a cosmic symphony of harmonic resonances. Therefore, she said, there was nothing to worry about. Since everything was nothing but vibration, there was no need to fear death or change. There was no you and no universe; there was only vibration. And I had to talk her into using the morning-after pill on a couple of occasions when she told me what had happened the night before. She cried and complained about the men she dated. She hated her job and went to the local community college to learn a trade, but then dropped out. All that studying unbalanced her life, she told me over coffee. And she said that the one-night stands were good for her confidence, but then complained that the guys were just using her. But I didn’t see why it would matter if everything, everywhere, was just vibration.


That July, when Jen and I lived at the beach, we watched the sunrise over the water after a long night out in the bars. It was so peaceful and quiet I could barely believe it was Florida in the summer. The soft light was beautiful on the waves and the sand cool underneath.

“You should write about this,” Jen said.

“About what?”


“Oh, I couldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“No conflict.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“No one would be interested.”

She thought about it. “No one’s interested in peace?”

“Hell no!” I laughed. “Who would wanna read about that?”

David Bassano is a History professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. He is a human rights activist, an author of academic and literary works, and an avid hiker and cyclist. Trevelyan’s Wager, published by Harvard Square Editions, is his first novel. You may learn more about him and his work at: https://www.facebook.com/davidbassanoauthor/

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